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Hours of Operation

Open every Saturday from 5 am until 12 Noon

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The Farmers' Market Cooperative of East Liberty is a permanent, indoor farmers' market open every Saturday year-round, from 5 am to 12 noon. We are located in the East Liberty neighborhood of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, making us the only year-round market operation in our fair city. We are one of the only sources of locally grown meat and fresh produce during Pittsburgh's winter months.


History and Background
We are the oldest continuously operating market in western Pennsylvania. The first day of operation was July 5th, 1941- so we are over 70 years old.
Being a "cooperative", the market is owned by the farmers.  Historically, the market had a larger number of owners, but now the ownership group includes 4 active farming families.  They are:
  • The Kennedy family- John and Val and their 3 children- operate the J. L. Kennedy Meat Stand
  • Rick Zang- owner of Zang's Greenhouse
  • Tim and Suzanne Hileman- owners of Kistaco Farm
  • Ina and John Greenawalt and children Brian and Melanie- owners of Greenawalt Farms
The market also includes a number of other vendors that help bring a diversity of products to the market each week.