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Kew Park Coffee Bar

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The Kew Park Coffee Bar is operated by Cristy and David Lagnese and their 2 children Marco and Maria. The Lagnese's are promoting a concept know as "direct from the farm" for items that can not be grown locally. With direct from the farm, the food comes directly to the consumer from the farm. This ensures that the farmer gets a better price by eliminating many middle men. It also ensures the product is fresh and does not sit in a warehouse.


The Lagnese's have partnered with Peter Williams and Gina Green who own and operate the Kew Park Coffee Farm. The farm is located in Westmoreland Jamaica. The coffee is shipped to Pittsburgh directly from the farm. The coffee is exceptionally smooth in taste. Peter and Gina are committed to growing world-class coffee in a sustainable way. They use chicken manure for fertilizer, and rely on birds to eat the insects that can destroy coffee beans. Their efforts to attract birds have been featured in National Geographic:


Fresh brewed coffee is served at the coffee bar as well as whole beans to take home.


A variety of fresh squeezed juice is also available at the Kew Park Coffee bar.